4ICOLOR® Colored Circle Contact Lens Ocean Green

4ICOLOR® Colored Circle Contact Lens Ocean Green

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This green circle contact lens is most popular in daily life ,Applicable for all people! The actual color is the picture without eye,The actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.
- Embedded coloring process - preventing pigment from adhering to cornea
The pigment doesn't contact cornea directly/ rest assured use.
- UV protection function - protecting the health of pupil
Isolating effectively the ultraviolet light that causes cataract and other eye diseases/ giving your eyes more protection.
- Smooth edge design - comfortable feeling
Smooth edge is designed for real pupil. Natural and comfortable/ and no foreign body sensation.
- Non-ionic raw material - against stains
Protein and other stains are not easy to attach/ keeping your eyes moist all day.
-Yearly use - effectively preserve moisture for one year

Water content: 38%~45% 


Thickness: 0.004mm 

Texture: Polymacon 
Base curve: 8.5mm~8.6mm 
Diameter: 14mm~14.5mm 
Period of use: 12 months
Packaging: 1 Pair(2 lenses)

Item Details 1. Before the first time wearing, please soak the lenses in multi-purpose contact lens solution for at least 6 hours. 2. Please take off your lenses before sleeping. 3. Please do not attend any water sports when wearing lenses. 4. Always wash your hands before wearing, removing or handling your contact lenses. 5. Rinse and scrub your lens every 2-3 days to prevent protein precipitation which is not good for eyes. 6. Insert lenses before putting on make-up around eyes, and take off lenses before removing make-up.
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